There are over one hundred and fifty apprenticeable occupations in BC. An apprenticeship is a system of training that combines learning-on-the-job with formal technical training. It is formalized by a 3 way agreement between an employer, an individual and the Industry Training Authority. The length of the apprenticeship varies with the occupation, but typically lasts 2 – 5 years.

In order to qualify for a Secondary School Apprenticeship a student must;

  • find an employer who is willing to register them as an apprentice
  • complete an SSA application
  • have completed or be enrolled in courses associated with the trade
  • be over the age of 15

Work experience can be completed on weekends, holidays or with a special release from school if the timetable permits. Each 120 hours of training qualifies the student for 4 credits towards graduation. Each hour of time is recorded by the apprenticeship authority and counts towards their apprenticeship hours. Students who complete 480 hours and who are able to maintain a C+ average are eligible for a $1000 scholarship.

The SSA program has been re-written for the 2005 – 2006 school year and will be updated on this website in September

The Apprentice Online Portal is a simple, confidential way to find services and financial assistance to support your apprenticeship training. Visit the portal to:

  •          learn what kind of support is available
  •          assess your eligibility for financial assistance
  •          apply for financial support – quickly, easily and securely

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