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SD#42 Financial Awards: Important Deadline for District 42 scholarships is March 5th at 8:30 AM – feel free to hand in your packages as soon as you have completed them – Early is always best. 

SD#42 Financial Awards:sd#42 financial awards

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University of the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island University

Students that have applied to University of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island University but have already completed the Student Transcript Services for UFV/VIU need to log back in and do it again as UFV/VIU has now been added to the schools that can get marks every month.

If you have questions like “can you help me send my transcript to my university?.  Please visit the Government of BC video explaining the BCeID and the Student Transcription service.



BANQUET –  June 7th – at Swan-E-Set Golf and Country Club – doors open at 5pm

banquet tickets order form 2019

DRY GRADJune 7th – at Garibaldi Secondary School – doors open at 11:30pm 

dry grad ticket order form 2019

1 acknowledgment of risk statement – grad

GRAD CEREMONY –  June 13th (Thursday) – at Gateway Church in Abbotsford – ceremony starts at 5 pm (Doors open at 4 pm for grads and 4:15 pm for guests.)

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ceremony tickets order form 2019


STUDENT TRANSCRIPT SERVICES – formerly the Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections – for 2019 Graduates

The Ministry of Education distributes transcript information to post-secondary institutions (PSIs) following the selection of a PSI by a student in the Student Transcripts Service. Distribution occurs through a variety of mechanisms. For PSIs with XML data transfer capabilities*, transcripts will be sent throughout the year. For PSIs on the electronic batch process, interim transcript information will be sent in early May, and final year-end transcript information distributed in late July.

Students can access the Student Transcripts Service at: Students must create a Basic BCeID account to access their information. Students need only complete their PSI selections once in the current school year. Students may add to their selections at any time up through July 12, 2019. Students may make up to 25 selections free of charge within six months after completing their last course. After six months, students will be charged $10 per transcript, payable on the Student Transcripts Service.

Please encourage your Grade 12 students to review the three how-to videos before they make their PSI selections for this school year. Videos include:

#1 Registering for a BCeID and accessing the Student Transcripts Service

#2 How to order/send a transcript to a Post–Secondary Institution

#3 How to send a transcript to an employer, yourself or anyone

 Distribution of Transcript Information and Deadlines

XML Transcript Information

  • Any time: PSI Selection Deadline
  • Immediate interim transcript delivery and ability for PSIs* to request updates to interim marks and final marks when required and if authorized by the student
  • Transcript information is transmitted throughout the year for students that have selected “Send my transcript now and allow this Post Secondary Institution to request transcript updates until the date specified” 
  • PSIs will have 12 months to request updated transcripts from the date that the student has authorized the PSI to view

*Currently available for the XML option are: University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and Vancouver Island University (VIU); other institutions may join shortly.

Interim Electronic Batch Transcript Information

  • May 2, 2019: PSI Selection Deadline for interim marks
  • May 6, 2019” Ministry sends interim electronic batch transcript information to participating BC PSIs, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC)
  • Sent for students that have selected “Send Interim and Final Marks when they become available”
  • All other PSIs receive final transcript information at the end of July in paper format only

 Final Transcript Information

  • July 12, 2019: PSI selection deadline for final transcripts
  • Ministry sends final transcript information to all students’ selected PSIs in late July 2018. This includes paper transcripts where “Send Final Marks when they become available” has been selected, the electronic batch PSIs and XML

For Schools: PSI Selections – Student Summary Report

Schools are encouraged to regularly submit their TRAX Uploads to ensure that student marks are up to date in the TRAX System.

The PSI Selections – Student Summary Report shows:

  • Each student in your school who has made one or more 2019 PSI selections to date (where a student chose one of “Send interim and final marks when they are available” or “Send final marks when they are available” or for UBC and SFU “Send my transcript now and allow this Post Secondary Institution to request transcript updates until the date specified).
  • Each current Grade 12 and Grade “AD” (Adult graduating) student who has not made any 2019 PSI selections to date.

This report is updated weekly from November until mid-July each year.

Schools access this PDF report by logging into the School Secure Web (SSW) site: Once logged in, this PSI Selections-Student Summary Report is accessed by clicking on the “Post-Secondary Reports” link.

Student Name Confirmation

Students should ensure that the name that will appear on their transcript matches the name they provide in their applications to post-secondary institutions. A student can check their first and last names as reported to the Ministry on their Unofficial Transcript of Grades found on the StudentTranscripts Service website.

 Can’t Find a PSI?

If a specific PSI is not available on StudentTranscripts Service website, please send an email with the name and address of the PSI you wish to see added to:


If you have questions, please email:

(Offshore schools with questions, please contact


Important message from the Parent Dry Grad Committee chair – Tamara Gardner

If you can help out with anything listed below please let me know.  Tamara Gardner: or 604-467-9095

For every $50.00 that your child SELLS in all fundraisers throughout the year, they will receive one ticket that will go into the prize bucket to be drawn the night of the dry grad. The more that they sell the more tickets/chances they have to win. 

Selling 50/50 tickets at a Vancouver Canucks game. We have been assigned the   March 30th game vs. Dallas. This is the last Saturday of spring break. We need 10-15 volunteers (all over the age of 19) to sell the tickets.  YAY!!! We have had 10 family members and 2 Garibaldi staff who have volunteered to participate. For selling the 50/50 tickets at the one game our grad class will receive $1,000.00.

Selling hot dogs in the cafeteria for the last two days before the winter break starts (the cafeteria is closed at that time). We need 1 parent to be the organizer, plus 2-3 parents for each day. We have had parents step up to organize this fundraiser.

Dominos pizza cards…we can start selling these now, and the students can sell them at school. We purchase a card for $2.50 from Dominos and sell them for $10.00 so we make a profit of 7.50 per card. The card has one free pizza coupon, and nine coupons of “buy one pizza at regular prize and get one pizza free”.  If you are interested please contact me with the number of cards you are wishing to sell.

Fundraisers in the new year include:

Hanging baskets/bedding plants (the order form will be sent out in the new year).

Car wash in the school parking lot, we need as many parents and students as possible.

The car wash occurs Saturday May 11, the day before Mother’s Day, hanging baskets and bedding plants are picked up that day at the school.

In summary we need the following for volunteers:

  1. Canucks game 10 – 15 parents (or older siblings as long as they are over 19 years old). If you wish to volunteer please contact me as soon as possible.  –  DONE!
  2. Hot dog sales: 1 person in charge plus 2-3 people per day x 2 days – DONE!
  3. Adult Fun Night: 4 parents to pick up raffle prizes from businesses (prior to pub night)  4 to sell 50/50 tickets, 2-3 to assist with events on the night. STILL NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!
  4. Car wash/Hanging Basket Sales and Organizing: as many parents as possible and all students! 🙂 STILL NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!
  5. Dry Grad – Parent Volunteer Supervision – STILL NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!

If you have any questions please contact me at:


Thanks so much, have a great weekend and hopefully see you at the next meeting.

Tamara Gardner  —   2019 dry grad chair

Grad Transitions

(There has been a name change so it is now called Career Life Connections – this title will show up on your transcript)

You can now get started on the required assignments.  Please follow the steps below to access the district moodle site where you will log on to see and complete your assignments:

  1. Go to the Garibaldi Website. ( )
  2. Along the top tabs click on SD42 Moodle.
  3. Click on Garibaldi Secondary. (Below is a picture of what the page looks like) sd42 clc pic.JPG
  4. There will now be a list of courses: click on Grad Transitions.
  5. You will now see the log in page. (Picture of the log in is below) Follow the instructions: Fill in your student number and your password that you use to log on to computers in SD42.                                                                                                                   moodle log in.JPG
  6.  After you log in you will have to enter an enrolment key which is:       grad2019
  7. You should now see the current assignment list and you can now begin your first Grad Transitions/Career Life Connections assignment.
  8. Enjoy!!!

GSS Career Centre Twitter Page: @GSSCareer (scholarships, post-secondary and volunteer & paid work.





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Grade 12 Parent Powerpoint Presentation: 

2019 Grad Parent Evening Powerpoint – GSS

Grade 12 Student Powerpoint Presentation:

 2019 Grad Student Powerpoint Presentation