GRAD 2019

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Grad Transitions

(There has been a name change so it is now called Career Life Connections – this title will show up on your transcript)

You can now get started on the required assignments.  Please follow the steps below to access the district moodle site where you will log on to see and complete your assignments:

  1. Go to the Garibaldi Website. ( )
  2. Along the top tabs click on SD42 Moodle.
  3. Click on Garibaldi Secondary. (Below is a picture of what the page looks like) sd42 clc pic.JPG
  4. There will now be a list of courses: click on Grad Transitions.
  5. You will now see the log in page. (Picture of the log in is below) Follow the instructions: Fill in your student number and your password that you use to log on to computers in SD42.                                                                                                                   moodle log in.JPG
  6.  After you log in you will have to enter an enrolment key which is:       grad2019
  7. You should now see the current assignment list and you can now begin your first Grad Transitions/Career Life Connections assignment.
  8. Enjoy!!!

GSS Career Centre Twitter Page: @GSSCareer (scholarships, post-secondary and volunteer & paid work.





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Grade 12 Parent Powerpoint Presentation: 

2019 Grad Parent Evening Powerpoint – GSS

Grade 12 Student Powerpoint Presentation:

 2019 Grad Student Powerpoint Presentation