Careers 9

Career Education 9 will continue to work on the big ideas of Career Education 8 as students also investigate the role of mentors, family, community, schools and personal networking in both decision making and career life planning.

This course will be offered as a “pull-out”, meaning that students will not have a Career Education block in their timetable, but each term will be given assignments to complete on their own and learning opportunities (via assemblies, Take Our Kids to Work Day, etc.), that build upon the learning standards taught in Career Education 8.

Delivery of the Careers 9 lessons will occur during prearranged FLEX periods. The schedule for the term will be posted early in the term and linked under the heading for that term.

Big Ideas
 Reflecting on our preferences and skills helps us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals.
 The value of work in our lives, communities, and society can be viewed from diverse
 Achieving our learning goals requires effort and perseverance.
 Adapting to economic and labour market changes requires flexibility.
 Our career paths reflect the personal, community, and educational choices we make.
Course Organizers
 Personal Development
 Connections to Community
 Life and Career Plan
Marks for Career Education 9 are cumulative.
Work habits are assigned based on thoroughness and thoughtfulness of answers as well as by completion of assignments.

Take Our Kids to Work Permission 2018