Work Experience in a Focus Area

This is an extended program of study in a career focus area (previously referred to as a Career Preparation Program). The program consists of two parts;

  • Completion of Work Experience 12 (Work Experience placement must be connected to focus area)
  • completion of a minimum of 3 courses from 1 of the 8 Career Focus Areas

2008 Fire Academy0001The program may be completed over the course of the student’s grade 10 – 12 years. For participating in the program the student will receive;

  • 4 credits for each 100 hours of work experience and corresponding paperwork
  • a Career Preparation designation in the specific career area on their official transcript
  • a Certificate of Completion recognizing their achievement at the graduation ceremony

The 8 focus areas are:

  • Business & Applied Business
  • Fine Arts, Design & Media
  • Fitness & Recreation
  • Health & Human Services
  • Liberal Arts & Humanities
  • Science & Applied Science
  • Tourism, Hospitality & Foods
  • Trades & Technology

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